Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interview with a Sports Blogger: Kate Conroy (Lady Loves Pinstripes)

Whenever possible, I'll be posting Q&A with sports bloggers. The goal is to get to know the players in the industry and celebrate those dominating their niche online. Interested? Email or @ mention me.

Kate Conroy finds the competition inherent in her industry downright sexy. She runs the Yankees fan blog, Lady Loves Pinstripes, and if the name isn't a dead giveaway, she (clearly) loves one team above all others: the Camden Riversharks.

In truth, this lady loves her some New York Yankees and blogging about the boys from the Bronx. (But in an ironic twist, she doesn't love writing! Read below to find out more on that.)

Kate can be reached via email or on Twitter.

On You

Favorite teams?
New York Yankees, New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, New York Knicks

Favorite sport?
Major League Baseball without question but never miss an NFL Sunday either.

Best sports memory?
ALDS Game 4. It was October 8, 2007 -- a night game, and the Cleveland Indians were up 2-1 in the series. So, by the end of the seventh inning, every Yankee fan realized that it was likely to be the last time skipper Joe Torre would don the pinstripes. The packed house didn't stop chanting "Joe...Joe....Joe" until well after the ninth inning. Everyone was in tears, it was very moving and New Yorkers were absolutely crushed. That night is also etched in baseball history as the last playoff game ever to be played at the Old Yankee Stadium as well.

Less then a year later, the beloved Torre released a book called The Yankee Years, and ironically my fondest Yankee memory felt like a stab in the back. Torre had been a hero in my eyes, so I was crushed.

I just always wondered why the men were having such a blast and, being an athlete myself, the competition is almost erotic. - Kate Conroy

If you could interview one athlete for your blog, who would you select?
Well, I am going to have give you two names because I can't debate this enough to come up with the winner: Mariano Rivera and Michael Jordan. Both the greatest at their respective position.

MJ, in my opinion is the primo athlete of this generation or maybe even this century. The couple of times I saw MJ at MSG play the Knicks, I was left in utter disbelief at this man's ability. The desire to strive to always get better proved that he did not take his talents for granted, and I respected MJ's competitive nature to never want to be anything less than the best.

I have the same sentiments for Rivera, as he is the best closer ever to touch a baseball mound. What makes Rivera so different is his character. MLB closers are defined as being completely nuts and attention-seeking, which is the 'norm' of the most successful pitchers to fill this role. That is what makes Rivera so extraordinary, he doesn't need to dance in a kilt, make a blow-fish face or get attention from growing an absurdly long and black beard to get recognized or motivated. This is what makes Rivera so unique, if that makes any sense.

Why do you love writing?
Actually, I do not love writing, but I do love baseball. I am not a great writer, and everyday is a battle that I work endlessly on in attempts to get better. The baseball is the easy part for me.

On Your Blog

Describe your blog in one sentence to new readers.
A New York Yankees blog from a Lady's perspective (and one who probably knows baseball better than you.)

(My slogan or tagline is another work-in-progress that I am still and maybe never will be satisfied with.)

When did you start blogging? What made you decide to launch your first?
I started Lady Loves Pinstripes innocently, as purely an outlet for me to talk baseball because as a female, men don't listen unless you are repeating their exact opinions. The first month, I didn't even make the site public because I was so scared of putting it out for anyone to read. When I did finally uncheck the private box no one really read it, until about eight weeks later a post got picked up as a featured read and it motivated me.

What are your biggest challenges in extending readership?
Obviously, with any profession, being acknowledged feels good. In blogging, the notion that you are judged by hits, uniques and overall stats is not entirely true.

Many sites have mastered the art of getting picked up by search engines so a reader will click but walk away feeling duped, wondering why they gained nothing (and they will never return again.)

Readership is actual loyalty, and to gain trust is very hard with the vast amount of choices that the internet brings. The longer you blog, the more creditable you become, and readers know this. The average blog only lasts four to six months [Ed. note: unconfirmed figure]. It pulls the rug from under readers and it makes them more cautious to jump on a new sites bandwagon.

So a new blogger needs to stick with it and not get discouraged but be happy if after six months you have 10 loyal subscribers. Also, family and friends will subscribe with just an email and most will actually read it too.

How do you find good content to discuss? What makes it into your blog?
Sports news is ever-changing and whatever fuels my passion is what I write about. It can be a pitching match-up prediction, a trade rumor or a prospect to watch. I do have monthly team power rankings (which I might switch back to weekly again) and pre-season previews team by team. I learn about all 30 teams just by doing this.

Also, I play in a 20 team pro-fantasy baseball league called Battle of the Blogs. It is all baseball bloggers, as you might have guessed, and I always mean to feature more posts about it.

What's the niche you're trying to dominate with your blog? What makes your blog unique?
I would hope to help women learn to love sports. For decades women were not supposed to watch sports because it was un-lady like and women were okay with this unwritten law. I just always wondered why the men were having such a blast and, being an athlete myself, the competition is almost erotic.

My concern is that women don't segregate themselves. It is too soon for things like ESPN-W, as it is a huge step in the wrong direction for women professionally.

But at Blog Don't Lie, there's no doubt Kate's strong voice will help keep women sports fans in the spotlight.

All it takes is a little love.


  1. This is great that you highlight bloggers like this. I'm not a Yanks fan, but keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the comment. Don't ever hesitate to send feedback, suggestions, requests, or complaints my way!

  3. This blog is great...she is passionate and that is so important when reading about something whether you agree with the author's opinion or not.

    She is the type of chick that is cute enough to catch male and female attention. Of course she loves the Yankees....typical.