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Interview with a Sports Blogger: Jed,

Whenever possible, I'll be posting Q&A with sports bloggers. The goal is to get to know the players in the industry and celebrate those dominating their niche online. Interested? Email or @ mention me.

Jed runs both and, and if the name isn't a dead giveaway, he gorges himself on sports, food and "adult libation" tips, as he might say. You can reach him directly on Twitter or via email.

Sports blogging is the main course, and the meal starts now. Let's dig in...

On You

Who is the Sports Glutton?
I’m an independent writer, whose passions in life are sports, food, and a complementing beverage of choice. Originally from Northern California, I have lived in multiple cities across the United States and Germany.

My writings are influenced by my travels and the variety of discourses on sports, food, and local libations experienced. I hold a Masters degree in Modern European history from the University of Maryland and have also worked for multiple years in the wine industry coordinating events in the DC area.

Currently, I reside in Salt Lake City and focus on writing for my two blogs: and

Favorite teams?
Around the age of eight I somewhat randomly selected the sporting franchises that I would support and for better or for worse have stuck with them to this day; Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis Cardinals, and Boston Celtics.

Favorite sport?
I passionately follow and write about both college and professional football more than any other sport.

Best sports memory?
Being a Colts fan this probably seems rather ridiculous, but my best sports memory isn’t Indianapolis winning Super Bowl XLI.  I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of Peyton Manning and thus I felt more relief than elation by the Colts emerging victorious against the Bears.  This feeling assisted in crystallizing my best sports memory, which is the Colts playoff run in 1995.

That year Indianapolis was composed largely of a bunch no-name or average players, including Captain Comeback himself Jim Harbaugh.  Few people believed the Colts, a wild card team, had any legitimate chance to win one game in the playoffs, let alone come one Hail Mary short of upsetting the Steelers in the AFC Championship.  However, they played as a team and a few unlikely heroes helped propel the Colts to their first playoff win since moving to Indianapolis and nearly an unbelievable appearance in Super Bowl XXX.  It was a fantastic story of an underdog team making a dramatic run and proving that heart and desire can help people overcome the challenges in front of them.

If you could interview one athlete for your blog, who would you select?
Without a doubt it would be Phil Mickelson.  I have heard stories that Mickelson is one of the more sincere, friendliest people that you could meet.  On the other hand I have also heard that when the cameras are off, Lefty is one of the biggest jerks on the PGA Tour.

Why do you love writing?
Writing offers me a creative outlet for my passions in life and the ability to share my opinions with a larger audience. One of the great aspects of writing a blog is the opportunity to share and engage in discourse with people from different walks of life and regions (hopefully in a positive form).

On Your Blog

Describe your blog in one sentence to new readers. is a blog conceived around providing informed and opinionated views of the sporting world, along with some food, libations, and humor to help you get through your day.

What are your biggest challenges in extending readership?
The greatest challenge so far for me is networking. Online networking is something that I’m learning and having to adapt to. A significant amount of websites or bloggers I have read and/or interacted with have interesting formats/opinions, but may not necessarily be the types I’m interested in growing with.  Basically, I’m less interested in whether or not I agree with another writer’s opinion, than I am in the quality of his or her work.

How do you find good content to discuss? What makes it into your blog?
Good content is of course a relative term in itself.  However, most of the time I write about football and golf for my blog (I have other writers who cover other sports) so I try to watch as many games or events as possible and write about them from my perspective.  

I attempt to not simply “regurgitate” information that is being disseminated on larger sporting sites, but rather offer unique insights and/or perspectives about a particular sport.

What's the niche you're trying to dominate with your blog? What makes your blog unique?
Many sports bloggers limit their content to sports entirely. is an attempt to bring together additional aspects of a sporting enthusiast's life such as food, adult libations, and humor.  

I believe that this not only diversifies the blog, but hopefully translates into more interesting content.  Additionally, diversifying the blog allows for greater networking opportunities beyond that of sports blog, such as foodie and liquor blogs.

On Blogging

What are some tips you have for bloggers who are new or who have yet to launch their first?

  1. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with search engines and tags for posts.  Tags are the simplest thing that one can add to each post and present a great opportunity to bring in new readership without any work on your part. Pay attention the words that people use on search engines when referred to your site and consider how you can apply this knowledge into future tags for posts.  I also like to type in the search engine terms that have directed readers to my site and see how different search engines are generating hits for my blog.
  2. Don’t neglect using all the different tools and networking sites (facebook, twitter, etc) as you never know which medium a reader might prefer to connect with your site.

What new tools, sites or networks have caught your eye that can help sports bloggers?

Flickr and Photobucket are great websites for images to use on your own site. Be sure that when using images from these sources that they are not copyrighted though.

Additionally, if you use someone’s image from Flickr, be sure to leave them a comment thanking them and a link directing to your blog.  You’ll have the opportunity to expand your readership by essentially advertising your blog with the link.

Thanks to Jed for his contributions! We can't eat another bite, but head on over to for an open buffet of awesome.

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  1. Jed and his sites are a fantastic addition to the sports blogging community. As a avid golfer and frequent golf blogger, I've found his golf writing to be particularly engaging. He's been a fantastic member of my blog's community as well, always weighing in with interesting opinions. Check him out!