Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Defense Of Sports Bloggers, from AaronTorres-Sports.com

In Defense Of Sports Bloggers - a well-written, poignant and refreshing post by Aaron Torres - could easily be the Blog Don't Lie slogan.

I won't re-invent the wheel (or in this case, the blog post) by providing my own rant on how sports bloggers can be legitimate, even if print media may still not see it. Instead, I highly recommend checking out Aaron's blog, particularly this post in which he stands up for you, for me and for any legitimate, thoughtful and passionate fan blogger.

(You can follow Aaron on Twitter for more discussion, or even download his mobile app. Now that's a passionate fan blogger!)

A few key quotes to whet your appetite for debate and for being fanatical about your industry, sports blogging:

Believe me, I’ve dealt with negative, mean-spirited idiots here before. Hell, just last night I had to block someone on Twitter that made a couple of really nasty comments. It happens. It’s what I signed up for. When your job (or hobby) includes putting your thoughts and opinions out in a public forum, you’re opening up yourself for criticism. Fair or not, that’s life. If you don’t have thick skin, find something else to do.


[...] blogging isn’t a bunch of guys in their underwear sitting in a dark basement (As a matter of fact, I’m wearing pants as we speak). What blogging is, is the ultimate meritocracy. Yes anyone can start a blog, but if you don’t have anything fun, clever, interesting or unique to say, people aren’t going to read your work, or come back to visit your site.


To me, there’s a difference between unearthing good information and ruining lives. And Deadspin certainly toes the line between the two.

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