Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Get Started Sports Blogging

I've read a lot of social media gurus' advice for aspiring bloggers lately on how to launch, how to find your voice, how to start connecting via social networks, etc. My single greatest takeaway from all this reading: everyone's got an opinion.

Here's mine:

If you are thinking of blogging, then blog! And blog for you.

I've had several job interviews during which one of my older blogs became a 5-10 minute conversation (whenever I blog, it goes on my resume). It's an easy way to prove to potential employers a number of things about yourself that would otherwise be hard to convey in a 30 minute interview. 

I remember one conversation I had while interviewing with a large sports media outlet for a PR role, about 6 things came out of one simple question I received: "So tell me about this blog of yours."

  1. I explained my interest in the topic the blog discussed...
  2. my background in writing...
  3. and journalism...
  4. my interest in social media...
  5. my ability to promote and optimize the site...
  6. and my ability to put my writing and face in the public eye a la PR jobs.
Your blog can convey similar things, as well as your creativity, initiative and responsibility (obviously, if you haven't updated in 4 months, it may not be worth putting the site on your resume).

The kicker: I didn't get the job offer (they kept it in-house)! But the conversation I had helped me create a strong tie that I still maintain today, which will help me with future opportunities. (I'll admit -- I'm young in my career; it's not like I've had dozens of interviews to this point.)

So if you're thinking of blogging, just blog! Write what's in your heart and on your mind. Be passionate! It's okay to launch a blog that's for you and you alone. In fact, without that self-interest, the blog will stall and flop.

If you change your goals, you can get there too with a little extra hard work.

And if your passion is sports, well, I don't remember the last time you needed to pass any test or receive any certification to express yourself as a fan.

You don't ever need help
From nobody else
All you got to do now:
Express yourself
- Charles Wright

Happy Friday, everybody. Feel free to express yourself if you agree, disagree, or just plain want to chat about sports and sports blogging.

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