Sunday, April 3, 2011

BallHyped: A Social Voting Site Hyping Sports Bloggers

Blogging on sports blogging.

That's incredibly niche, don't you think?

Sure, it's not exactly like I'm writing about the strategies and recipes on cooking with pineapple, but examining the act of blogging via a blog is a bit nuanced. There aren't too many sites that are similar (which I see as a positive thing, as I hope to fill a need). So you can imagine I was excited to find, a social voting site hyping sports bloggers and sports blog posts.

Looking into their mission and approach, they're a great resource for sports bloggers that I'd highly recommend. By signing up, you gain an easy way to get your posts out there and see what the community thinks via their voting option. (They've apparently been experiencing a lot of spam lately, and as a result the sign-up requires you to email them the details of your site with your email address in order to receive a log-in and password from the BallHyped admins.)

Some of the more relevant and useful content on BallHyped:
  • Best Sports Blog Book: a yearly publication pulling from popular posts.
  • Badges: post these on your site to link to BallHyped. In their words: not only links to your blog when you send article posters our way, but we'll promote all new entires as recent blog submissions, and the best sports blogs and stories of the day will be promoted on our homepage.
  • Sports Blogger Resources: a list of tactics, articles, events and more for sports bloggers.
  • Top 1,000 Sports Bloggers on Twitter and BallHyped Leaderboard: the most-followed sports blogger Twitter handles and the most active bloggers on BallHyped, respectively. These are amazing finds! They're all excellent people to connect with if you're trying to expand your influence online, as they're all actively engaging others via Twitter and consistently posting online and promoting their sites.
Share - Voting up best sports stories, blogs of the day

Finding Useful Sports Blog Content

One of the best ways I've found to receive daily information on a niche is to set up a Google Alert (shameless plug No. 2 for my employer's products on this blog -- the other being how the +1 button can help sports bloggers -- but these things are genuinely useful).

I receive daily alerts on the sports blogosphere, which helps me learn more about the community and keep up with the latest news and trends.

What are some other ways you find useful resources and learn about your niche? Do you use BallHyped? What do you think?

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